Often you hear people talk about how they feel they don’t need a financial advisor. They may have done their own research, built up their own portfolio and have made a good return, and with this in mind they feel confident in their financial knowledge. Whilst no doubt there are some smart investors out there who I am sure are capable of managing their finances well, overall the general situation worries me.

This is because when you look at the market as a whole in the past 10 years, interest rates have slumped, and the market overall has generally rewarded risk takers. This means that many investors have been confusing great returns with investment skill, which can lead to over confidence and complacency.

This can lead investors to make poor decisions in times of panic when things take a turn for the worst or when interest rates go back up for example as their lack of experience and knowledge will be exposed. This is why I always urge people to employ the help of a financial advisor as even though you may feel they are not needed now when things take a turn, their experience and knowledge is invaluable.

We always aim to ensure our clients finances are in a good place through the good and bad times so your hard-earned money is always protected.

Martin Speiser, Director at Masu Group.

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