Superannuation is arguably the most tax-effective method of saving for your retirement. For many of us, it is the largest asset we have, apart from our homes.

With a variety of contribution options, Superannuation can be a complex area for the uninformed. It’s important to form a strategy to make the most of the tax concessions, financial incentives and rebates.

Since 1995 MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd has been giving advice in the areas of;

  • Choice of Fund including SMSF analysis
  • Consolidation of Funds
  • Finding the optimum fee structure
  • Ways and types of contributing into Super
  • Retirement Income Streams

With access to technical research and regular legislation updates, MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd is kept up to date with legislation changes, the latest strategies, and ways to make the most of your superannuation.

It should be noted that all investments carry inherent risks. MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd and the product issuers cannot guarantee the performance of any funds or the absence of financial losses.