A financial planner can help you organize your finances and make decisions with your money that will assist you in reaching your financial goals as efficiently as possible.

Whilst many understand the role of a financial advisor, they often underestimate how much good financial advice can truly help! This is why we thought we would share with you an example of how we recently helped a husband and wife be in a better financial position so that they could reach their retirement goals.

The husband & wife aged in their mid 50’s and were hoping to retire within 10 years.

Superannuation Review: By Rolling over to recommended Superannuation

  • Husband saved 37.19% in fees (From $2,209 to $1,387)
  • Wife saved 63.05% in fees (From $1587 to $586)
  • Recommended a salary sacrifice strategy
  • Husband’s projected Superannuation balance at retirement (Age 67) will now be $644,946 compared to $438,758
  • Wife’s projected Superannuation balance at retirement (Age 67) will now be $818,432 compared to $611,317

Insurance Review: By switching to Recommended Insurers and writing appropriate coverage:

  • Husband saved 68.72% on the premiums (From $22,198 to $6,943)
  • Wife saved 77.11% on the premiums (From $11,284 to $2,582)
  • Together they have saved $23,957 on the total premiums (From $33,482 to $9,525)

Wealth Creation Analysis

  • By selling a property now and refinancing loans increased disposable income by $18,372 per annum
  • By increasing Mortgage payments, the estimated Mortgage on retirement was reduced by 61.63% (From $389,000 to $149,258)

Overall the couple were close to $450,000 better off for having sat down with one of our financial advisors, highlighting the true value of receiving sound financial advice.

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