MASU GROUP operates under three Licences

MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd

Has an Australian Financial Services Licence
(AFSL) 231140

MASU Finance and Mortgages Pty Ltd

Holds an Australian Credit License

MASU Property Investment Services Pty Ltd

Holds Real Estate Licences in

We are looking to add to our team of highly skilled financial planners.
If you are looking for an AFS Licencee that:

Offers our Advisers full back office support simple and easy to understand solutions.
Will give you the best support available in the market.
Offers a warm friendly environment where your input counts.
Will help you to grow your business.

Then MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd is the Dealer for you
For our planners we offer

A fully compliant system of providing advice.
A vetting process where all advice is reviewed to ensure compliant and in Client’s best interest.
Preparation of all Statements of Advice.
The flexibility to offer alternative opportunities to clients not available through other Dealer Groups.
A professional culture that ensures your clients receive quality advice in a timely manner.
Strong relationships with preferred partners and other providers in order to formulate optimum financial strategies and approaches for your clients.
A proactive approach made possible by the Group’s efficient service model and overall infrastructure.
Adherence to industry best practice and compliance standards.
Training to ensure CPE requirements are met.

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