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MASU has concluded Agency Agreements and Referral Arrangements with most of the major Service and Product Providers who provide financial services and products in Sydney and other parts of Australia. Except for these arrangements which have been concluded for the purpose of enabling MASU to conduct its business, MASU has no special arrangements with any product, service or other provider which compels us to give any particular advice or recommend any particular product. MASU provides advice and recommends products based solely on our views of the strengths and merits of the particular strategies and products recommended.

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    Any investment information and general advice displayed or given
    on this website does not take into account any person’s personal
    objectives, financial situation or needs and, because of that, you
    should, before acting on the general advice, consider whether it is
    appropriate for you, having regard to these facts. You should also
    consider obtaining independent legal, financial and/or other
    professional advice before making a decision in relation to any