You are very good at what you do…but, Financial Planning isn’t what you do.

So why would you use an amateur to plan for your family’s future?

A qualified Financial Planner can save you – probably more money than the cost of the service – and help you get on track for the future within the first 6 months of meeting with you.

Specifically to:

  • Minimize Your Mortgage Payments and Homeowners Loans by Consolidating and Seeking Out The Best Rates For Your Long-term Debt Whether you almost own your home, or you’ve already taken some equity out, a qualified Financial Planner will make certain you have the best payment structure and lowest possible rates.
  • Consolidate and Pay Down Other Loans That Are Robbing You With Unnecessarily High Rates Simple things like car loans, old student loans, or credit card debt that might be ready to be paid down to free up more monthly cash flow.
  • Set You Up in The Right University Savings Program for Your Children or Grandchildren You can expect to pay between $150,000 and $200,000 for University just ten years from now. It’s something you need to plan for otherwise you could incur even more debt in the future to repay.
  • Provide A Comprehensive Family Insurance Check-up Insurance coverage needs to adjust with your family needs multiple vehicles, teen drivers, coverage for the appreciation of your home. And, planning for the long-term care of you and your parents.
  • Put You In Control Of The Future To the extent that any of us can be in control, a sound financial plan will help you prepare for opportunities and life’s surprises.
  • Make Sure You are In Control of Your Superannuation If you’re making significant financial decisions, or are serious about retirement planning, you need to seek financial advice.


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