Authorized Representative

Why become a MASU Authorised Representative

Maintain your independence

MASU understands the importance of you retaining your independence, however, we also understand the importance of strategic relationships. By partnering with us, you will receive the benefit of our 15 years of knowledge and expertise in the industry and our support team. We will assist you behind the scenes and attend to all of your licensing and administrative requirements so that you can use all of our skills, knowledge and support to improve the financial well being of your clients.

Secure your future by securing your client base

You can significantly reduce the risk of your clients going to other people for advice by catering for most of their financial needs. This means instead of turning to another service provider for complementary services, your client stays with you. This full service model approach ensures your clients do not have to see anyone else to manage their financial needs.

Complementary Products and Services

By increasing the spread of products that you offer your clients, you can substantially increase your gross revenue but most importantly, it will help you to maintain and build stronger relationships with your current and prospective clients for the future.

Training and Guidance

Once you partner with us you will have access to all our training and resources. This includes access to specialist product providers along with our in-house team of experts. You can also attend our in-house training events.